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Milan Lojdl Beverly Hills Architect

Long-time residents have noticed that the Beverly Hills Commercial triangle has changed dramatically in the past 30 years. “It changed from small town sleeping beauty to vibrant city recognizable around world, “ says world renown architect Milan Lojdl. He should know—he’s responsible for many of the changes. He’s designed such iconic Beverly Hils spots such as Theodore, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, Crustacean, and several other high-end stores along Rodeo Drive. Beverly Hills [213]had a chance to speak with him a moment to discuss some of his work and influence on some of our favorite buildings.

Beverly Hills [213]: Please tell me about your beginnings in Beverly Hills.

Milan Lojdl: Competition is tough between architects but somehow I’ve managed to end up with wonderful clients and their projects. The first opportunity I was given was by developer Donald Tronstein and after that first project we become friends and I got chance to work on few of his commercial projects.

It was rewarding experience. Same with my other client, the Mahboubi family. I had the privilege to work on numerous projects inside of the large commercial development Rodeo collection which changed the face of Rodeo Drive forever.

[213]: Are there unique challenges to working with the City of Beverly Hills?

ML: It is important to work closely with city of Beverly Hills Department of Building and Safety and with the planning department of the building department. The biggest issue was and is the continuous change of personnel at the department level. The city has made enormous changes in architecture and landscape vision.

Present city planning codes do not cover the requirement of today’s retailer referring to signature color, outdoor dinning menu boards, awnings, etc. I have presently 3 clients who were issued citation for $15,000 for minor differences in design. What the city does is basically harassing small business owners, which are the most important in the cityscape of the city. This is bureaucracy, which is difficult to change. It must cost the city a lot of money to use this harassment tactics with the flood of letters, citations and visitation from the city. That is one frustrating aspect of dealing with the city. Another is the planning department and architectural commission.

[213]: Do you ever work in residential design?

ML: My residential design includes multifamily condominiums and private residences new and many remodels. For private residences I want to mention new residence for Mr. David Wiener, a new residence for Joe and Ruth Chan at Malibu, and a remodel of a house for Bambi Wayne/Byrens in Beverly Hills.


[213]: What are some of your other rewarding projects you’ve had the pleasure to work on?

ML: The company Taryn Rose International, where I had opportunity to work with visionary owner of company, Taryn Rose MD, developing brand image of her retail stores not only in Beverly Hills but in New York, Las Vegas, San Jose, etc.

Crustacean Restaurant was another project where I had a chance to work with overseas investors financing the project. The client was from Russia and I have not had a client like that before where there was no limit for introducing ideas. I just want to mention that I received an architectural award from the city of Beverly Hills for best retail project for that year. Another reward for best retail project from city of Beverly Hills was for MCM - Michael Cramer Munich on Rodeo Drive.

This brings me to mention more of my clients from Italy, France, Spain, Mexico., etc. This are clients who change look of Beverly Hills retail vocabulary.

It was pleasure to work with many well known international architects and interior designers to transfer their ideas to California standards and approvals. A few to mention is Rene Caovilla at Rodeo 2, Brunello Cuchinelli and Cesare Paciòtti on Brighton Way, and Paul & Shark on Rodeo Drive.

To contact Milan Lojdl call (310) 663-9701, e-mail or visit


-Adam Albright-Hanna

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